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No Cutting Corners

In our need to get product to market more quickly, we would like to eliminate cutting corners. All of the data that is kept in the system, even during WIP (Work In Progress), is available to the team members. This is a very powerful advantage. Assuming you are willing to change. Change what? Change how you work. In fact, in many cases, not only how you work, but how others work. We have observed that in the early stages of implementation the tools are used to vault data, for example and life just goes on the same. Then one day someone in the design chain resolves a problem in advance or with fantastic efficiency because of their early access to the design data that that they had never been able to do before. Suddenly this information spreads throughout the design teams and we observe data check in accelerate. This provides the downstream data consumers BOM info, placement data, layout detail, and all kinds of other stuff, a lot earlier than they had before.

data vaulting

Move off antiquated file shares / Software Version control systems. Fast and simple storage is step 1.

Data Collaboration

Visualization / Markup & Compare tools form the basis of feedback from the entire organization to the design teams.

Change Tracking

Leverage existing or new workflows that are tracked, monitored, and captured in the PLM system.

ECAD/MCAD Collaboration

Leverage newly developed STEP formats to enable simpler design and communication between disciplines.

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