Data Collaboration


Collaboration begins with the basic functionality provided in Data Vaulting. Upon check-in of each iteration, a “lightweight viewable” file is automatically created and attached to the CAD Document. This file can be opened on the desktop of any WindChill user that has installed Creo View ECAD from the WindChill Software download page. The Creo View ECAD tool is the primary management tool used for implementing the Data Compare tools, Redline Markup tools, and viewing all aspects of the COMPLETE ECAD dataset. By this we mean, net names, pin numbers, Reference designators, Copper, Silkscreen, Solder Paste layers and masks etc. All of this can be cross highlighted back to the Schematic and vice versa. Redlines are stored with the visualization back into WindChill for anyone else in the organization to view, permissions dependent.

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data vaulting

Move off antiquated file shares / Software Version control systems. Fast and simple storage is step 1.

Data Collaboration

Visualization / Markup & Compare tools form the basis of feedback from the entire organization to the design teams.

Change Tracking

Leverage existing or new workflows that are tracked, monitored, and captured in the PLM system.

ECAD/MCAD Collaboration

Leverage newly developed STEP formats to enable simpler design and communication between disciplines.

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