Change Tracking


Keep Track of your project’s changes.

Use of Windchill PDMlink functionality to track and manage changes is an important added benefit to complete system usage. In many cases we will see the MCAD change management implementation extended to the ECAD space. This allows continuity in the organization. In cases where the ECAD change process requires additional steps or configuration, we can advise and implement to your specifications. Our experience with dozens of customers with similar requirements brings an advantage to our engagement.

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data vaulting

Move off antiquated file shares / Software Version control systems. Fast and simple storage is step 1.

Data Collaboration

Visualization / Markup & Compare tools form the basis of feedback from the entire organization to the design teams.

Change Tracking

Leverage existing or new workflows that are tracked, monitored, and captured in the PLM system.

ECAD/MCAD Collaboration

Leverage newly developed STEP formats to enable simpler design and communication between disciplines.

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