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Windchill Objects in 10.x and ECAD Data


If you are searching for information on ECAD and PLM systems you have found the place.
This is a discussion about what you need to know, and what to expect, when you have decided to start managing your ECAD data in a PLM system. We do a lot of work with PTCs WindChill product, so you may see the focus slanted in that direction. However, please feel free to comment with questions and suggestions about whatever it is you need information on in this area. We would be glad to help.

We received another query today about what the specific types of ECAD objects are in WindChill. Along these lines, THIS PRESENTATION, delivered at PTC Live in June 2013, outlines the new data model that has been implemented with version 10.x. Look it over and please comment and ask questions below.

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data vaulting

Move off antiquated file shares / Software Version control systems. Fast and simple storage is step 1.

Data Collaboration

Visualization / Markup & Compare tools form the basis of feedback from the entire organization to the design teams.

Change Tracking

Leverage existing or new workflows that are tracked, monitored, and captured in the PLM system.

ECAD/MCAD Collaboration

Leverage newly developed STEP formats to enable simpler design and communication between disciplines.

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